Training (2015-2019)

Oncornet is set up to provide young researchers (ESRs) with dedicated training. The ESRs will be trained as a cohort in all (mandatory) network-wide ONCORNET workshops with the aim of educating and training the next generation of GPCR/drug researchers who will have a multidisciplinary and intersectoral skill set. The workshops (W1-W7) share the same programme structure:

day 1: progress meeting – exchange of latest results, updates (together with supervisors and PIs)
day 2-3: training on scientific topics, including practical courses;
day 4-5: training on transferable skills

The schedule and details about the organizing entities are given below.

Workshop 1 – hosted by VUA in Amsterdam (5 days)
Workshop 2 – hosted by UGL in Glasgow (4 days)
Workshop 3 – hosted by arGEN-X in Gent (4 days)
Workshop 4 – hosted by CNRS in Montpellier (5 days)
Workshop 5 – hosted by UWUE and MPG in Würzburg and Bad Nauheim (5 days)
Workshop 6 – hosted by UNOTT in Nottingham (5 days)
Workshop 7 – hosted by VUA in Amsterdam (5 days)

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ONCORNET Coordinator
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