Griffin Discoveries


General description
Griffin Discoveries focuses on the discovery and development of novel GPCR-targeting drugs in areas of unmet clinical need. In addition to drug development, Griffin Discoveries also offer services to the pharmaceutical industry that address emerging GPCR drug discovery concepts such as kinetic and thermodynamic ligand profiling, receptor dimerisation and allosteric modulation. In addition to GPCR-focused research, Griffin offers in vitro assays for early ADME-tox screening, including CYP450 and hERG activity assays and microsomal stability studies that help hit and lead optimization.

Key research facilities, infrastructures and equipment
As a preclinical drug discovery company, Griffin Discoveries’ primary expertise lies in hit finding, hit optimisation and lead optimisation stages of drug development. We have broad experience in GPCR medicinal chemistry, including various targets such as histamine receptors and chemokine receptors. Griffin Discoveries is a VU University spinout company and Griffin rents laboratories from the university. This allows the use state of the art facilities, including a dedicated radionuclide centre.

Project members 

  • Prof. Rob Leurs 
  • Prof. Iwan de Esch 

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ONCORNET Coordinator
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