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General description
The UWUE partners are located at the Rudolf Virchow Center and the Institute of Pharmacology, with both being directed by Martin J. Lohse. Together these organisations comprise of almost 200 researchers and staff, and are funded as a national centre of excellence by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The research groups study target proteins, with a focus on GPCRs, using methods of pharmacology, biochemistry, mass spectrometry, structural biology and optical microscopy. Doctoral researchers will be integrated into the Graduate School of Life Sciences, which is also funded by the DFG as a programme of excellence.

Key research facilities, infrastructures and equipment
Over 25 years of expertise in GPCR pharmacology including pioneering development of fluorescence techniques, research on regulatory proteins and GPCR fluorescence imaging studies and their signalling pathways. We have at our disposal numerous optical microscopes, including high resolution STED-, several 2-photon-, FLIM-, FCS-, TIRF-microscopes, a range of FRET microscopes and high-throughput systems, plus X-ray and EM-structural biology, mass spectrometry and SPF mouse facilities.

Project members 

  •  Prof. Martin Lohse
  • Prof. Carsten Hoffmann

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