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General Description
Promega corporation is a global provider of innovative solutions covering the fields of genomics, protein analysis and expression, cellular analysis, drug discovery and genetic identity. More specifically the Advanced Technology Division, is a cross-disciplinary group focused on the development of novel bioluminescent chemistries, intracellular detection technologies, and efficient isolation methods for protein and drug complexes.

Key research facilities, infrastructure and equipment
Promega headquarters in Madison WI includes state of the art research facilities. Further, the early multidisciplinary and collaborative nature of the Advanced Technologies Division and its expertise in several key technologies (NanoLuc luciferase, NanoBRET, NanoBiT complementation system and HaloTag) would significantly contribute to the training of early-stage researchers.

Previous and current involvement in research and training programmes
BBSRC grant with Dr. Stephen Hill and Dr. Jeanette Woolard University of Nottingham: Novel BRET approaches to unravel the molecular pharmacology of VEGFR2 receptors: Insights into ligand binding, allosterism and signaling bias.

Key persons and expertise

Dr. Keith Wood – Head of Advanced Technologies Division of Research & Development at Promega Corporation.

Rachel Friedman Ohana – Senior Research Scientist in the Advanced Technologies Division, which is currently focused on developing novel technologies for discovering and analyzing drug interactions, particularly to GPCRs.

Contact details

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