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General description
Learning By Simulation (LBS) is a training company with a focus on designing and running simulations in the complex field of Research & Development in Life Sciences. Although LBS is a young company, formally founded as an inheritance and spin off from Merck R&D Learning Organization (MPI) in 2011, the founders have a long term experience with both R&D in Life Sciences (over 25 years of experience) as well as designing and running Life Sciences R&D simulations. The existing simulations were originally designed for Organon, now MSD, at the moment their R&D organization shifted in 2000 from discipline-oriented towards team/process-oriented. LBS has designed the following simulations, which are regularly given both as open registration trainings as well as in-company trainings: Drug Discovery Simulation (3 days); Drug Development Simulation (3 days); Biologicals Development Simulation (3 days); Diagnostic Development Simulation (4 days, only available on invitation by sponsor). LBS is based in the Netherlands, but is providing on a global scale like US-based customers with in-company courses. Its open registration courses are mainly given at a preferred learning center in the Netherlands, for an international group of participants from pharmaceutical companies with activities in the EU.

Previous and current involvement in research and training programmes
LBS has provided training (simulation courses) within Top Institute Pharma, Center for Translational Molecular Medicine (CTMM), Kinetics for Drug Discovery (K4DD), ETNs FRAGNET (de Esch), ONCORNET (Smit) and organized 6 weeks the Drug Discovery Simulation in a virtual setting as a minor to MSc students at the VUA (van Muijlwijk) and will participate in workshops on the development of biologics ETN I-DireCT (UMCG).

Role and commitment of key persons (incl supervisors)

Dr. Leon Delbressine – Trainer & coach Drug discovery and development simulation course in organic chemistry and pharmacology. He has over 30 years experience in pharmaceutical R&D. Most recently he provided and led performance consulting to the business, was responsible for creating and implementing strategic learning plans in alignment with subdivisional goals and objectives. Within LBS, Leon is learning director and facilitator during the simulations.

Leo van de Wouw – Coach, facilitator Drug discovery and development simulation course and is trained as a teacher in drama and director of educational video’s. As a specialist in different ways of adult training he was involved in designing and conducting courses for Organon, Top Institute Pharma, Center for Translational Molecular Medicine, Nijmegen University, Avans Hogescholen, Sabic, DSM and lots of other companies and institutes. Within LBS, Leo is course designer and facilitator during the simulations.

Dr. Sjeng Horbach – Trainer & coach Drug discovery and development simulation course and is toxicologist with a PhD in biochemistry. He has over 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical R&D. Before joining the industry he was an associate professor in molecular toxicology at the Utrecht University for 8 years following 6 years of contract research experience. Within LBS, Sjeng is course director and expert during the simulations.

Contact details

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