General description
arGEN-X is a publically traded therapeutic antibody biotechnology company. We have a proprietary SIMPLE AntibodyTM discovery platform that allows us to discover high affinity, high diversity antibody sets covering essentially all epitopes of a given target. arGEN-X combines active immunisation of llamas with Fab phage display to induce and harvest conventional antibody output of the immune response. In addition to the antibody discovery platform arGEN-X has three Fc modulation technologies: PK enhancement through NHance; Abdeg technology for driving autoimmune antibodies into destruction and finally arGEN-X has a licence for the PotelligentTM technology which can significantly enhance antibody dependent cytotoxicity and tumour cell killing activity.

Key research facilities, infrastructures and equipment
760m2 lab space, equipped with two BiaCore 3000 instruments, FACS machine, AKTA Purifier Llama immunisations are performed off-site under supervision of arGEN-X employees or consultants.

Project members  

  • Dr. Hans de Haard
  • Drs. Michael Saunders 

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ONCORNET Coordinator
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam