ALMAC Sciences

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General description
Almac provides a wide array of services to the pharmaceutical industry. The service and expertise most relevant to the ONCORNET programme is the manufacture of synthetic natural chemokines and site-specifically labelled chemokine.

Key research facilities, infrastructure and equipment
Chemistry and biology labs for conducting synthesis, purification and analysis of synthetic peptides and proteins. Almac Sciences (Scotland) is part of the Almac group, which comprises 5,000 employees based in UK, USA and Asia, providing research and manufacture services for academic, biotech and pharmaceutical services, and consequently well-established infrastructure such as human resource management, health and safety, etc.

Previous and current involvement in research and training programmes
Partner organisation to The University of Newcastle in the Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN) programme entitled “Prolong Organ Survival after Transplant: POSAT” (Grant Agreement 606979). Partner organisation to VU University of Amsterdam in the Horizon 2020 Marie Curie ETN ONCORNET (Reference 641833).

Key persons and expertise

Alastair Hay – 15 years experience in peptide manufacture. Leads technical support of global business development team in customer driven peptide manufacturing projects. Almac has been synthetically manufacturing chemokines for 24 years.

Contact details

Please contact us at:

ONCORNET Coordinator
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam