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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action
Innovative Training Networks (ITN)



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General description
The host laboratory is part of a large CNRS-INSERM Institute (Institute Génomique Fonctionelle, IGF) composed of 24 research teams (250 people) studying cell communication in neuroscience, physiology and cancer biology. The partner has a world reputation in the GPCR field especially for his work on both glutamate and 5HT receptors, going from structural studies to their in vivo roles. The acquired expertise will be transferred on chemokine receptors.


Key research facilities, infrastructures and equipment
The CNRS unit host a number of facilities developing state to the art technologies. These include a biochemistry facility for purifying and reconstituting membrane proteins (cold room, incubators, FPCL), a facility dedicated to MTS assays, equipped with several 384 well plate readers for BRET, FRET, Time-Resolved FRET, fluorescence and luminescence; a Time-Resolved FRET microscope; a proteomic facility with 3 mass spectrometers, including two orbitraps, associated with a bioinformatics facility dedicated to the analysis of the proteomic data. A core facility in genomics, an animal facility with a OEPS unit hosting 10 000 mice, an imaging facility with all the top high resolution microscopes.


Project members 

- Prof. Jean-Philippe Pin