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VU University Amsterdam


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General description

The Medicinal Chemistry (MC) research group at the VU University Amsterdam is a world-leader in GPCR medicinal chemistry, according to recent research assessments. The MC researchers (~40) are investigating GPCR proteins and ligands (small molecules, nanobodies), with a particular focus on GPCR structural biology, interactomics and signalling pathways. Computational design and synthesis of GPCR ligands is a key approach. Special emphasis is given to research on (viral) chemokine (CXCR4, CXCR7) and histamine receptors.


Key research facilities, infrastructures and equipment
The Institute supports state-of-the art core facilities, which facilitate the performance of cutting edge (bio)chemical research with both basic and translational scientific value. The academic group has access to industry standard as well as proprietary molecular modelling software. The computer-aided drug design labs are closely linked with other groups in the medicinal chemistry department. It is tightly linked to the VU Medical Center, Amsterdam. The Medicinal Chemistry group has ample experience in both the biochemical and drug discovery aspects of GPCRs and has collaborated with leading pharmaceutical companies, resulting in e.g. several patented products, with some reaching clinical phase evaluation.


Project members

- Prof. Martine Smit (coördinator) -

- Prof. Jacqueline van Muijlwijk-Koezen -

- Prof. Rob Leurs -

- Prof. Iwan de Esch -

- Dr. Henry Vischer -

- Dr. Maikel Wijtmans -